How to have a Chiropractic Assistant Dream Team

Transformational Chiropractic Assistant Boot Camp

Let us help you create a powerful staff utilizing easy procedures that will save them time, create less paperwork and give them more freedom to focus on your patients 

Friday April 13th at the Chiropassion Consulting Headquarters at Dr Joe Borio's office in Upstate, New York.

LeeAnn Kline

CA Coach

LeeAnn and Lisa have over 30 years combined experience running, operating, managing a wellness based office.

Lisa Guerin

CA Coach

Registration starts at 8:45 am


Dinner following

  • How to effectively process a new patient
  • How to complete a subluxation based history and examination
  • Handling Cash vs insurance plans effectively
  • Setting up financial care plans
  • Effective team building CA super staff
  • How to present financial care plans
  • How to manage and handle a high volume practice
  • Optimizing office procedures to improve your time management
  • Best ways to decrease missed adjustments